Tony Haynes, composer/creative director of the Grand Union Orchestra, tells the inside story of his music for the orchestra, its musicians and colourful history.

About the Blog

Tony Haynes is writing a regular blog describing some of his composition techniques – tips you may not get from a conservatoire or college course! Based on his enormous output of music for the Grand Union Orchestra over the last 30 years, Tony analyses some of the pieces in the repertoire in such a way that it may inspire other musicians to new ways of creating or thinking about music. He uses conventional European notation, and bases his examples on the recordings on the Music page of the Grand Union Orchestra website.

However, it’s not only about music. Along the way, Tony provides also some context – anecdotes from Grand Union’s colourful history, information about the musicians themselves, a description of current activities, preoccupations and ambitions and much else besides.

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